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Use of the Shotwell Building

For Sussex County 4-H Clubs

If you are interested in reserving the Ralph and Phoebe Shotwell Building at the Sussex County Fairgrounds for an event, clinic or club activity, please contact Neil Flaherty, President of the Sussex County 4-H Educational Exhibit Hall Committee and forward him a signed copy of the building use rider.picture of Shotwell Building

(973) 383-2766 (home),
(973) 948-1295 (work),
(973) 948-7950 (fax-work)
Email: intouch@tellurian.net

Neil is the liaison with the Fairgrounds for reserving use of the building for 4-H related events. Please include alternate dates for your event in case there should be a conflict. In 2008 we will be asking that reservations be made by September 1 to facilitate scheduling. Reservations will be accepted after September 1 subject to the availability of the building for the dates requested.

Sussex County 4-H clubs will have priority use for the building; however we need to reserve the building as far in advance as possible. The Fair will be renting the building to others. A portion of these rental fees will go towards paying off our mortgage on the building.

There is no cost for Sussex County 4-H clubs to use the building. A $100 security deposit will be required. If there is no damage to the building, your deposit will be returned as quickly as possible.

Other rules and requirements for using the building are included in the Rider to the Rental Agreement and may be discussed with Neil if you should have any questions.

Rental for Non 4-H Events

shotwell bldg_intrThe Shotwell 4-H Exhibit Hall may be rented by outside parties. The building is 4,800 sq. ft. and is fully insulated. Its four sliding doors may be opened during warm weather to provide excellent air circulation through ceiling mounted fans. Two gas fired heating units warm the building for winter events.

Tables and chairs are available through the NJ State Fair, which oversees outside rental of the building. A scale diagram of the building is provided here.

If you would like to rent the Shotwell Building for an event not related to 4-H, please contact the New Jersey State Fair office for more information, (973) 948-5500