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Clover Star

The Sussex County 4-H Program would like to recognize the stars of our program! The Clover Star is a chance for leaders and parents to nominate certain 4-H’ers for an acknowledgement of their shining contributions to 4-H.  These awards will be given each season of the coming year and are open to anyone in Sussex County 4-H – any year, any age.  Nominations for the fall are due by September 1, for winter by November 1, for Spring by March 1, and for summer by June 1.  The winner for each season will have a feature article in the season’s newsletter.

If you are the leader of a Sussex County 4-H club or the parent of a Sussex County 4-H member, you may nominate a 4-H club member for the Clover Star award. Click the link below to download a form that may be completed in Adobe Acrobat Reader or contact us and we will forward you a hard copy of the application.

Clover Star Nomination Form