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2009 Summer Science Day Camp

This summer Sussex County 4-H is offering two one week sessions of summer day camp. The sessions will be held at the Phoebe and Ralph Shotwell 4-H Building at the Sussex County Fair grounds.

Mad Scientists Weekmad scientist

July 6-10th
Sussex County Fairgrounds

9 am-1 pm
Cost: $75

Mad Scientist week will feature a different guest scientist each day! They’ll describe how they use science in their jobs. To get a better feel for their work we’ll get hands-on with experiments and activities related to the day’s area of science! Plans are still being developed but topics may include:

Wind and Weather-learn about how weather information (data) is collected and how it is used, not just to predict weather but to assist agriculture and help with road and air traffic safety.
Lasers and Optics-lasers are becoming a bigger part of our lives and are being used in ways you may not even know. We’ll learn how lasers allow us to see things more closely than our eyes alone. We'll also learn how scientists are experimenting with sending sound through lasers.
Maps and Global Positioning Systems—How do we know where things are, and how do we get there? Maps have been around for centuries but satellites are changing how we use and develop maps. The day’s activities will include a treasure/scavenger hunt on the fairgrounds!

The Science behind Special EFXclapper

July 13-17th
Sussex County Fairgrounds
9 am-1 pm
Cost: $75

Lights, camera, action! Ever wonder how film makers create all those cool special effects? We’ll spend a week learning how movie effects (EFX) are created and the science behind them. Some of the EFX we’ll be looking at include:

Chroma Key (or Green Screen)—is your favorite movie spy really driving a sports car through the Alps or is s/he in a studio with a background superimposed? Participants will see how it’s done in the studio and get a chance to try it out.
Smoke and Fog—how do we safely create "atmosphere" for films and what do you need to know about science to make it happen?
Camera Stabilizers—following the action and keeping the camera steady can be tricky, we’ll see how a camera stabilizer makes this job easier and learn about the science behind its design.
Movie Makeup—all is never what it seems in movies, we’ll learn some inexpensive ways to do makeup effects for movies

During the week campers will learn about movie magic while having the opportunity to develop and shoot short video scenes.

To download an application packet for the 2009 Summer Science Day Camp program, click here