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4-H Scholarships

The Sussex County 4-H Foundation assists youth involved in 4-H, who are qualified high school graduates the opportunity to pursue a level of higher education of their choice.


Applicants must be a former or present Sussex County 4-H club members who has graduated or is graduating from a high school and is an active Sussex County 4-H club member for at least five (5) years, three (3) of which must be while attending high school, and a minimum of three (3) years club work

Application Forms

Forms may be obtained from high school guidance counselors, the Sussex County 4-H Office, 129 Morris Turnpike, Newton, NJ 07860. The telephone number is 973-948-3040.

Applications may also be downloaded here.

Application Requirements

Grants will be awarded on the basis of 4-H achievement, 4-H leadership, and scholastic standing in relation to the following requirements. In order to be eligible for a scholarship, the following criteria needs to be met:

  1. Must be an active 4-H er for at least (5) years, three (3) of which must be while in high school, and a minimum of three (3) years club work.
  2. Completed application forms must be submitted to the 4-H office no later than April 1. An application form is not considered complete unless a written recommendation from a teacher, academic counselor, or administrator is included in the packet. You must also include a copy of your transcript.
  3. A current head and shoulder picture would be welcome. It will be used for newspaper and other publicity related to the announcement of the scholarships.

If necessary, applicants may be asked to be interviewed

Students who have completed previous application form(s) may reapply by updating the application form(s) and by rewriting your essay to reflect the continued involvement in 4-H such as, but not limited to, an advisor capacity, leadership role, or collegiate involvement. In addition you must add a current transcript, as well as a new letter or recommendation from an academic counselor, a professor, or an administrator from the institution you are now attending.

Scholarships will only be given to students who are involved in undergraduate studies. If their initial application is rejected they may reapply the following year. Sussex 4-H members may only receive the scholarship one time. (Note: re-applications should indicate the member's continuted participation in 4-H.)

Final Selection

The selection of scholarship recipients will be made by the Scholarship Committee of Sussex County 4-H Foundation, Inc. All incomplete applications with reference to the above requirements will be disqualified.

For more information about the 4-H Foundation Scholarship Program, contact the 4-H Office of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, Sussex County, (973)-948-3040

A brochure with the above information is available for download