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Sussex County 4-H Programs

Sussex 4-H has a variety of programs available to meet the needs and interests of local youth. This section of the website includes information about the:

Sussex County 4-H Scholarship program

The Sussex County 4-H Foundation assists youth involved in 4-H, who are qualified high school graduates the opportunity to pursue a level of higher education of their choice.


LG Cook 4-H Camp

Sussex County hosts New Jersey’s 4-H Camp, L.G. Cook, located in Stokes State Forest. The camp offers a traditional program where campers can choose from a variety of activities such as swimming, hiking, boating, and crafts. These activities are designed to meet the needs, interests and abilities of the campers. These types of traditional camp offerings give campers more chances to explore recreational interests than camp programs that focus on specific skills, such as computers or performing arts.


Leadership Training

Volunteers in 4-H receive training to assist them in organizing and running their 4-H Clubs. This includes an orientation that relates the essential elements of 4-H as well as access to the resources available through the land grant university system (Rutgers Cooperative Extension and other land grant universities) as well as many other sources. Through Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the 4-H program provides access to new as well as proven resources related to youth development.


In the future we hope to offer more programs to our volunteers and members.