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Leadership Training

Volunteers in 4-H receive training to assist them in organizing and running their 4-H Clubs. This includes an orientation that relates the essential elements of 4-H as well as access to the resources available through the land grant university system (Rutgers Cooperative Extension,and other land grant universities) as well as many other sources. Through Rutgers Cooperative Extension, the 4-H program provides access to new as well as proven resources related to youth development.

These resources include:

  • Rutgers Cooperative Extension (www.rutgers.edu/extension)

  • New Jersey 4-H (www.nj4h.rutgers.edu)

  • National 4-H Curriculum (www.n4hccs.org)

    State 4-H Programs within the Cooperative Extension System, National 4-H Headquarters at USDA, and National 4-H Council have formed a new partnership to provide leadership for the development of National 4-H Curriculum. This partnership will provide the knowledge, resources, and management necessary to develop and market quality youth curriculum.
  • eXtension (www.extension.org)

    eXtension is an educational partnership of more than 70 universities to help you improve your life every day with access to objective, research-based information and educational opportunities.

But more than just Websites, Sussex County 4-H provides access to experienced staff and volunteers who will make themselves available to help.

NJ 4-H Leadership Training Series

The New Jersey 4-H Leader Training Series is a wonderful resource for 4-H volunteers. It contains a wealth of information from how to start a club to planning field trips to how to work with youth.

To access sections of the NJ 4-H Leadership Training Series

To dowload the full NJ 4-H Leader Training Series in pdf (1.8mb)