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Becoming a 4-H Volunteer

Volunteers are essential to the successful implementation of the 4-H program. All registered adult 4-H volunteers working directly with 4-H youth in New Jersey complete a screening process and receive training at no cost to themselves. Teens may also serve in volunteer roles through the 4-H Teen Leadership project.

Volunteers can serve in a variety of roles, including the following:

  • 4-H Club Leaders
  • School Age Child Care Providers
  • Teachers
  • Project Judges
  • Community Resource Persons
  • Camp Counselors
  • Parent Helpers
  • Advisory Council Members
  • Host Families for exchange students
  • Foundation Members/Fund-Raisers
  • Fair Board Members
  • Mentors

Volunteer Appointment Policy

Any 4-H volunteer, 18 years of age or older, working directly with youthe withouth teh presenece or direct supervision of paid 4-H staff, will be screeened prior to official appointment. Working directly with youth includes the following: organized 4-H clubs; special intereste or short-term programs; camp counseling; and youth programs conducted with collaborating agencies to be sure volunteers are screened.

Volunteer Appointment Process

All steps of the following volunteer appointment process must be completed before official appointment as a 4-H volunteer is made by the Sussex County 4-H staff. All forms will be sent to the applicant by the Sussex County 4-H Office.

  • Potential volunteer is recruited and/or expresses interest
  • Potential volunteer participates in an interveiw with 4-H staff or trained volunteer
  • Potential volunteer completes a 4-H Volunteer Application (available through the Sussex County 4-H Office) and returns it to the Sussex County 4-H Office
  • References are checked*
  • Potential volunteer participates in orientation and receives 4-H Volunteer Position Description
  • Potential volunteer completes 4-H Adult Volunteer Registration Form
  • Volunteer receives official letter of appoinment and 4-H Volunteer Appointment Agreement to be signed and returned to the Sussex County 4-H Office

It is important that the volunteer applicant complete and return their forms in a timely manner to make the process go quickly and efficiently.

*The application requires that the names and mailing addresses of three references be provided.

Volunteer Appointment Agreement

An individual becomes a registered 4-H volunteer as soon as the 4-H Volunteer Appointment Agreement is signed and returned to the Sussex County 4-H Office. This agreement is subject to review and/or renewal once a year or as deemed appropriate by the Sussex County 4-H staff. Once the agreement is received at the office, the volunteer is added to our 4-H mailing list.