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Joining 4-H

Sussex County 4-H has a variety of clubs that you can join. These include (but are not limited to):

Cooking, Sewing, Crafts, Dairy, Dogs, Nature, Horses, Gardening, Livestock (cows, goats, pigs and sheep), Science, K'nex (construction toys), Shooting Sports (archery and riflery) and Woodcraft

4-H clubs are open to 1st through 13th graders.

1st to 3rd greaderes participate in 4-H Cloverbud clubs, an exploratory program designed to help young people explore various project activities in a noncompetitive environment.

4th to 13th graders may belong to a regular 4-H club. Sussex County 4-H clubs are organized by project areas or within the community.

While clubs are the main 4-H organization in Sussex County there are several other ways that 4-H reaches youth in New Jersey. These include the LG Cook Youth Center for Outdoor Education located in Sussex County. LG Cook is located on 108 acres in Stokes State Forest and offers a week long residential camp program during the summer.

Policy of Inclusion

4-H Youth Development programs are offered to all youth, kindergarten through grade 13, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or handicap, on an age appropriate basis. All possible effort will be made to include rather than exclude youth in events conducted by the 4-H Youth Development program.


Currently there are no county, state or national fees associated with joining 4-H. However, club members may decide to collect money from members to cover the costs of club activities. They may also vote to collect dues to cover minor costs.


Uniforms are not required for membership in 4-H, or for participation in 4-H activities. Fairs and shows may require livestock exhibitors to wear special clothing.

Club Policies

All clubs develop a constitution to fit their needs and to help the club run smoothly

More Information

For more information on joining a Sussex County 4-H club, please give call ( 973-948-3040) or email (foord@rce.rutgers.edu) so that we may put you in touch with a club based on your interest.