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Interested in Joining Sussex County 4-H?

There are many opportunities for youth and adults in 4-H. The pages in this section of the website describe how youth and adult volunteers may join 4-H.

If you’re looking to join as a member, look through the Club section to see which clubs interest you. Have a parent contact us and we’ll put them in touch with club leaders who can get you started.

If you’re an adult looking to volunteer, or have a child you’d like to enroll in 4-H, we encourage you to explore this site to get an idea of what Sussex County 4-H has to offer. Afterwards, please call our office and we’ll give you more information about 4-H and the clubs you’re interested in.

To learn more about the Sussex County 4-H, please visit our sections on

If you’re interested in joining a Sussex County 4-H Club, please contact our office by phone, 973-948-3040 or email (dfoord@rce.rutgers.edu)