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Agriculture Safety Day

A Progressive Agriculture Safety Day ™ will be held on April 5th, 2008 at the Cook Campus of Rutgers University. The event will be sponsored by:

  • New Jersey Junior Breeder’s Symposium
  • New Jersey Farm Bureau Women’s Committee
  • New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Space is limited to the first 300 to register. To download a flyer with more information and an application, click here.

The application deadline is March 20th

Sessions will include:

    ATV Safety Hidden Hazards
    Chemical Safety First Aid
    PTO Safety Disability Awareness
    Animal Safety Bike Safety
    Farm Equipment Safety Sun Safety

The mission of the Progressive Agriculture Safety Days™ is simple – to make farm and ranch life safer and healthier for all children through education and training. Everyone in agriculture knows someone whose life has been affected by a farm-related injury or death.

The statistics are sobering. Even more tragic is that these incidents could have been prevented if simple safety precautions had been followed. That's why the Progressive Agriculture Foundation is on a crusade for farm safety and health.

At the heart of this effort is the Progressive Agriculture Safety Day™ program, (formerly known as the Progressive Farmer Farm Safety Day Camp® program).  Founded by The Progressive Farmer magazine in 1995, the program trains and provides the resources for one-day safety programs that are age-appropriate, hands-on, fun, and safe for children.