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Rabbits and Small Animals

4-H clubs focusing on rabbits and small animals are among the most popular in Sussex County. There are eight individual 4-H clubs for this project area.

In a 4-H rabbit club you'll begin by learning basic skills such as identifying parts, determining sex, practicing handling, trimming nails and other management practices. As you progress you'll learn to identify breeds, handle and show rabbits, identify equipment, recognize a healthy rabbit, read a pedigree and kindle a litter. Eventually you may learn to judge rabbits, tattoo a rabbit, keep records, identify diseases, administer medication, record growth rates and market products.

Our clubs have developed their own methods and programs for teaching youth about rabbits, however they do refer to the National 4-H Curriculum as well, www.4hccsprojects.com/rabbit/

Aside from all the rabbit knowledge you'll develop, you'll meet new friends and have fun too! Our rabbit clubs plan and participate in many different activities.

Our Sussex County 4-H Rabbit and Small Animal Clubs are:

  • Little Critters
  • Breeders & Feeders
  • Little Pocket Pets
  • The Bunny Bunch
  • Four Legged Friends
  • Nifty Little Critters
  • Furry Friends
  • Cuddly Critters
  • Whiskers & Squeals