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Youth who like to work outdoors and get their hands dirty, plant seeds and watch them grow, will enjoy participating in Sussex County 4-H’s horticulture clubs.

Youth will learn how to plan a garden as well as actually plant the seeds, use garden tools safely and harvest the crops. Fun activities may include growing plants from roots, making a rain gauge and roasting pumpkin seeds. Life skills developed are decision making, learning to learn, communication, and wise use of resources (conservation).

As they progress, 4-H members may learn to use transplants in a garden, how to start seeds indoors, how plants respond to light, and how to grow new plants from plant parts.

Advanced 4-H club members may learn to test and improve soil, extend the growing season, cross-pollinate flowers and assist others in garden projects.

Other life skills developed through the project include problem solving, leadership, self-esteem, community service, record keeping and volunteering.

Our Sussex County Horticulture Clubs are:

  • Crafty Gardeners

  • Summer Blossoms