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Sussex County 4-H
Cooking and Sewing Clubs

2006 Fashion Show ContestantsSussex County 4-H clubs that feature cooking and sewing provide a variety of experiences to our members. The curriculum for these clubs varies based on the background and experience of the leaders as well as the interests of each club’s members.

Through the National 4-H Curriculum, there are guides to assist clubs in their programs. 4-H clubs are not required to use these guides, but are invited to review them at our office or purchase them online.

Current Sussex County 4-H cooking and sewing clubs include:

  • Branchville Needle Pushers (sewing only)
  • Hardyston Sewing (afterschool)
  • Stitch-n-Rip (sewing only)
  • Wantage Sewing and Cooking

fashion show friendsIf you’re interested in joining or volunteering with one of these clubs, please contact the Sussex 4-H 2006 Fashion Show 2Office.

If you belong to one of these clubs andwould like to develop a web page with more information on your club, email Dave Foord at, dfoord@rce.rutgers.edu.