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4-H Rabbit Sales
at the NJ State Fair

Seller Instructions

ONLY 4-H members may sell animals or equipment at the 4-H table.  Parents and 4-H leaders do not have the privilege to sell at the 4-H table
Check in is between 5 and 7 pm and must be done by a leader.  If this is a problem, please contact your leader to make alternate arrangements.
Please have the following ready to go before you have your animal/equipment checked in to be sold:

  • Three copies of the sale form filled out completely.  You must have your club leader sign the original sale papers before you are able to sell.  A separate signature is required for each animal/equipment you sell.  You can then copy each form in triplicate for the sale book.  If you do not have copies made, go to the Fair Administration Building to make copies or hand copy the information.
  • You will also need a small Ziploc bag of food for each animal you are selling.  This will go home with the new owner.
  • If you have pedigree papers, please attach them to the purchaser’s copy of the sale form. 
    DO NOT list pedigree papers available for extra charge.

In addition to these items, you are responsible to feed, water, and clean your sale cages until your sale animals have left the barn.  Please clean the empty sale cage out once your animal has gone to it’s new home.
Sale money will be given out at cage take down.  Cage take down is scheduled for the last Sunday of the Fair at 5 pm.

Check-In Instructions For Leaders

  • Before doing a health check, make sure all paperwork is filled in completely and that the member has a Ziploc bag of feed to go home with the animal.  Check for a leader’s signature as well.
  • If everything is in order, you may proceed with a health check.
  • Once a health check has been completed and the animal has passed, you may assign it a sale number.  Please keep the sale numbers in order.  Write the sale number in the upper right hand corner of the sale forms and put on the sale cage as well or on the equipment being sold.
  • The sale number also goes in the RIGHT ear of the animal being sold.  Use alcohol to remove any old numbers.
  • Please don’t forget to sign the sale forms after you have checked anything in.
  • Once everything is complete, the sale forms may be put into the FOR SALE section of the sale book.

Sale Book Instructions

The following are instructions to be followed when you are barn sitting:

  • There are two sections to the sale book, FOR SALE and SOLD.
  • When a sale is made, have the buyer fill out all information, and give them the purchaser’s copy of the sale form (marked on the bottom of the page).  This will be their receipt when they come to pick up their animal/equipment.  Move the sleeve from the FOR SALE section to the SOLD section.  Mark the cage “SOLD”.
  • Mark all copies of the sale form “PAID”.  The 4-H representative who makes the sale must record the date of sale, as well as sign his or her name.  Once you have collected the money, put it in an envelope with the sale number and seller’s name on the front.  The money then goes into the mini safe.
  • Sale animals and equipment must be picked up by 10 pm on the date of the sale unless other arrangements have been made with the seller.
  • Only leaders may check in sale animals and equipment!