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4-H Small Animal Costume Contest 2008

Date: Friday, August 8, 2008
Time: 7:30 pm
Place: Main Ag Pavilion (same as rabbit show)
Theme: "Where Farm meets Fun"

There will be a "bench show" format this year. All exhibitors in an age group will be asked to bring their animals or display to a specific spot on a table in the main Ag Pavilion. All animals must be transported to the arena in a cage that can be stored under the table. There will be a specified time for the judges and public to walk around and view all the exhibitors. When the judges are finished we will announce the winners of the age group in costume and display categories. You will be expected to stay at your assigned spot with your animal for the duration of your age group. Be prepared to answer questions about your animal and its costume or exhibit from the judges or the public.

Who you can enter?

You may enter up to two animals in the costume contest. These animals do not have to be exhibited at the fair BUT:

  1. Each animal must be health checked by a leader before entering the Ag Pavilion. It would be a good idea to have them health checked at an earlier time.
  2. Any animals entered in the costume contest must be included in your 2007-2008 project book.

How do I enter the costume contest?

When you fill out your fair entry form, write the name of the animal you are going to use in the costume contest on a line on the entry form. Write "WSP  class #6" in the section titled "Breed" on that line. We will know who you are going to enter and assign you a number which will correspond with your spot on the "Bench".

  • If you know whether you are going to create a costume or display, this information can be added on the entry line also.
  • You must enter the costume contest on the original fair form. If you choose to withdrawal from the contest please do so at fair check-in.

Any other rules?

  • All exhibitors must have some kind of covering for their animal to be presented on, such as a carpet square. This will help keep the tables clean and is better footing for your animal. Cages don't need a carpet square but if you are going to take your animal out of the cage it must have something to stand/walk on.
  • All costumes must be attached to the animal in a safe and non-binding way,. Please don't duct tape a costume on your rabbit or yourself
  • Parents may help you with the costume and setting up the display but they must remain with the general public, outside the benching area.
  • You will be identified by a number. You may title your display but please do not use your name.
  • The age groups and time schedule for the classes will be posted in the rabbit barn by Wed. If you choose to withdrawal from the contest please scratch you name from this list, otherwise you will be expected to be present, on your bench spot at the appropriate time.

Displays may be NO LARGER THAN 24”x24”x24”

Judging Criteria (things the judges will be looking for):

  • Costumes or displays that represent the theme "Where Farm meets Fun"
  • Amount of time and effort that is apparent in the costume/display
  • Quality of information you provide to questions about your costume/display animal.
There will also be a People's Choice award given for each age group.


Contact: Colleen Perigo 973-579-0157 or Cindy Eddy 973-702-2451 for more information