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All-Star Rabbits

All Star Rabbit 4-H Club was established in August 2000. 
Membership in the “All-Star Rabbits” 4-H club is open to all youth regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex or handicap and who meet the age/grade requirement. The member must be in the 4th grade or above for regular 4-H. January 1 is the cut-off date for any new member. Prep 4-H is for grades 1-3. We currently have 30 Regular 4-H members, 9 Prep members and 8 leaders.


Yearly dues are $12.00 and must be paid no later than the November meeting.


A monthly meeting will be held on the 2nd Monday of the month (excluding August). The time of the meetings will be from 7pm-8:30pm. Members MUST maintain a “Project Record Book” that is brought to every meeting to be checked. The “Project Books” will be collected by the leader(s) when the entries for the Farm and Horse Show are collected at the May meeting. Each member will give a club presentation. Club presentations are subject to change every year and your responsibilities will be discussed during one of the meetings. Each member will be required to do a minimum of two (2) community service projects during the course of the year. Places we may visit are the Merriam House, Liberty Towers, Bristol Glen, etc.


The executive committee consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and corresponding secretary. Election of officers will be held at the July meeting and their terms will run from September through August. Each member must have completed at least one year in 4-H to be considered for office.

Club Activity:

Each monthly meeting is a new topic of learning. The club activity is taught to the club and reinforced with a fun game. The topics of learning are  rabbit groomlng, cutting  nails, basic care, winter & summer care, basic diseases, rabbit skeleton, health & nutrition, Digestive system, breeding, pedigree papers, Rabbit body parts & Tattooing a rabbit. We also had a meeting with Cavy information. Showmanship is reviewed at every meeting from the senior members to the Prep level. We invite guest speakers from the community to share their knowledge of rabbits. This year we had Dennis Sensale talk to our group about Health and Nutrition and a rabbits digestive system. We also had Dr. Pamela Schott, D.V.M. talk to our group about diseases and  she showed us the skeletal x-rays of a rabbit. Finally, we had Michelle Teitsma come to explain to our group the proper way to give a public presentation.

Fund Raisers:

Fundraisers enable us to do such things as: special club activities, purchase T-shirts or sweatshirts for the members, publicize our club and help others in need. Plans for fundraisers are decided by a majority vote of the membership in attendance at any meeting when this topic is discussed. The decision of the majority shall rule and all members will be expected to participate. Money from this years fundraiser, a bowl-a-thon, is going to the new 4-H building. We raised $600.00!

Club Highlight:

The NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show is a highlight for all members of our club. We spend 10 days at the fair displaying and caring for our projects. We participate in the 4-H Show Dee-Oh!, Showmanship & Skill-a-thon, Presentations on Rabbit care, The Rabbit Show, Prep Carnival, Work the AG Food Booth, Dress our rabbits up for a Rabbit Costume Contest & read stories to the fair goers at Bunny story hour in Barn 6. The 2007 Rabbit and Small Animal Show had 260+ animals. 180 animals stayed all ten days of the fair. Our club showcases many breeds of rabbits such as Netherland Dwarf, Mini Lop, Jersey Wooley, French Angora, Mixed Rabbits, American Tan, Mini Rex, Holland Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Dutch, Hotot, Harlequin, Satin, Lion Head, French Lop. We also have mice, gerbils and Cavy breeds such as American Cavy